I can't compile U61, help!


U61 configuration scripts are not perfect, and compilation might fail for various reasons since U61 depends on a fair amount off libraries, some of them not being - yet - available on every GNU/Linux distribution (ClanLib, Hermes, Lua...).


  • Read the INSTALL file in the root directory.
  • Check that all the libs needed by U61 are correctly installed. For instance, Lua is quite tricky to install since you have to run ld manually to create .so files.
  • Try and install a binary release. The GNU/Linux static binary does not require any extra library to run, so it might save you lots of time.
  • If you're still in trouble, you can still ask for help on the mailing-list.

When I run U61, I get protection faults 8-(


This often happens when data and/or configuration files are not installed correctly. It may also happen if you have installed a new release of U61 over an older one.


Under GNU/Linux, remove the following files/directories:

  • "/usr/local/share/u61" (or "/usr/share/u61"). This is the directory where all the themes and scripts are stored.
  • "~/.u61rc". This is a useless file used by previous releases of U61.
  • "~/.u61". This is the directory where the configuration file is stored. It can also contain custom themes and scripts.
  • "/etc/clanlib.conf". This is ClanLib's configuration file, used mainly to choose which display target should be used.

Once you have removed these, reinstall the game and and try and launch it again.

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