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UWiKiCMS is a lightweight web content management system.

U61's homepage, powered by UWiKiCMS

UWiKiCMS features basic text formatting and online editing, image upload and automatic positionning, heavy css use, lightweight XHTML compliant code, readable URLs and no cryptic article.php?id=123 stuff, extensibility at will through PHP file includes, fancy orginal features such as "all in one page ready to print" or sharing the same database for various sub-sites, and has a built-in cache system.

UWiKiCMS is a web application using the standard PHP / MySQL tools. It is distributed as free software (free speech, not beer), under the terms of the GNU General Public License ( GPL ).

UWiKiCMS aims at staying as simple as possible and cope with the constraints of a plain PHP/MySQL hosting solution. The idea was to minimize the number of clicks required to publish an online document, and fit my personnal needs.

UWiKiCMS uses the services graciously offered by Savannah. Also check Freshmeat to get informations on latest releases.

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An online demonstration will let you try the software without any install.

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Here you'll find the latest downloadable files concerning UWiKiCMS. If you want to download older releases or if you feel what you need does not appear here, take a look at the complete download section.

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