Welcome to my web site. Call it a blog if you please, I just like the idea of an old school web site. If I have something to say, I say it here. My major hobbies at this time are : sport , computing and music.

You could very likely be interested by:

  • my race reports , this is about running, cycling, triathlon, and (very) long distances
  • Liquid War , an original and Free (as in speech) game, since 1995


The subject on which I publish most content lately is ultra-distance. I essentially run (road, trail, treadmill, ...), bike ("brevets") and practice triathlon (ultras, doing N times the Ironman distance) as well. I'm open to any new activity, if it's about endurance and it lasts more than a dozen of hours, I might be interested. I do not perform at world-class level (no champion here...) but I still start to have a good knowledge of this domain, and I try to never miss a good occasion to write a race report. For you English readers, note that most content is in French but some content is translated. One of my most unforgettable races was the deca-Ironman in Monterrey, 2010.

I tend to be active on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

Liquid War

Historically, this web site was created to help me publish Free Software. I worked on various projects, but always came back to the same one, which is Liquid War , a multiplayer wargme which, despite its great age, is still original. The game was first released in 1995, it's continuously and permenantly changing, will it be finished some day? I don't know. Sometimes I'm close to doubt about this. I imagine that as long as I'm interested in it, I'll keep on hacking. Among side projects, I can mention U61 and also Babal , which kept me busy in their times.

As a side note, I happen to be working in the IT as well, checkout my LinkedIn profile if you're curious. Real code lovers would rather check my Github or Gitlab profiles. Nothing crazy there, just, if you're asking yourself, is that the same guy ? Yes it is.


Last activity, I play the sousaphone in a brass-band. I started in Lyon (France) with the Fanfare Piston then moved to Paris with the "Flingueurs" (discontinued...) and I now play with the Mouettes & Charbons. This band is not a school band - it's been a long time since we've been students ... - but still it's heavily inspired from the débôzarts spirit. We're a small and fun world, in which I go by the nickname Darty ;)


Christian Mauduit

PS: my email is ufoot@ufoot.org, I sometimes sign my messages with GnuPG, here's my public key.

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