Welcome to my web site. Call it a blog if you please, I just like the idea of an old school web site. If I have something to say, I say it here. My major hobbies at this time are : sport , computing and music.

You could very likely be interested by:

  • my race reports , this is about running, cycling, triathlon, and (very) long distances
  • Liquid War , an original and Free (as in speech) game, since 1995


The subject on which I publish most content lately is ultra-distance. I essentially run (road, trail, treadmill, ...), bike ("brevets") and practice triathlon (ultras, doing N times the Ironman distance) as well. I'm open to any new activity, if it's about endurance and it lasts more than a dozen of hours, I might be interested. I do not perform at world-class level (no champion here...) but I still start to have a good knowledge of this domain, and I try to never miss a good occasion to write a race report. For you English readers, note that most content is in French but some content is translated. One of my most unforgettable races was the deca-Ironman in Monterrey, 2010.

Liquid War

Historically, this web site was created to help me publish Free Software. I worked on various projects, but always came back to the same one, which is Liquid War , a multiplayer wargme which, despite its great age, is still original. The game was first released in 1995, it's continuously and permenantly changing, will it be finished some day? I don't know. Sometimes I'm close to doubt about this. I imagine that as long as I'm interested in it, I'll keep on hacking. Among side projects, I can mention U61 and also Babal , which kept me busy in their times.


Last activity, I play the sousaphone in a brass-band. I started in Lyon (France) with the Fanfare Piston then moved to Paris with the "Flingueurs" (discontinued...) and I now play with the Mouettes & Charbons. This band is not a school band - it's been a long time since we've been students ... - but still it's heavily inspired from the débôzarts spirit. We're a small and fun world, in which I go by the nickname Darty ;)


Christian Mauduit

PS: my email is ufoot@ufoot.org, I sometimes sign my messages with GnuPG, here's my public key.

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