Liquid War

A unique multiplayer wargame

Welcome to the home page of Liquid War, "a unique multiplayer wargame". Liquid War is a now somewhat popular free software (free as in speech) in which you control an army off liquid and try and "eat" your opponent(s). It has an entry on Wikipedia which probably does describe the game better than this page, and is obviously much more "neutral" about it.

Indeed, I (ufoot) am the core developper, project maintainer, of both Liquid War 5 and Liquid War 6 so I can't really claim to have an objective point of view on the game, its defaults, its qualities.

My advice is -> give it a try!

Brief history

Liquid War 5 v.s. Liquid War 6

As of today, version 5 is widely distributed, any serious GNU/Linux distribution does have a Liquid War 5 package available somewhere. No kiding ;) Binaries are available for Windows, Mac OS X, it's out, ready to play, just ask Google and it will find it for you. Liquid War 6 is clearly not so common, but IMHO it's now worth the upgrade. It is really a new package, there's no common code, and development cycles are completely separated. The new branch does have new features, it's quite stable, and, what's more, it's playable. So go ahead, use Liquid War 6 ;)

Christian Mauduit.

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