I need it, I code it

PyGpsWeb is an online GPS (Global Positionning System) data editor. It allows you to view and edit waypoints, routes, and tracks. It is free software, released under the terms of the GPL.

No, this is not vaporware. Far from being finished, but the basis are here. Stay tuned...

I need this to view and/or edit points and path, imported and/or exported to a lightweight GPS device. This is because I run a lot. Basically I could do this with GPSMan, but the idea is to do this with a web application, using interesting technologies like Python, PostGreSQL / PostGIS, itools, UMN MapServer, Mozilla / XUL and Google Maps. My purpose is to fit my needs as well as to have fun and prove myself that I can code this kind of things 8-)

If you want to try it out, you can check the demonstration site.

  • login : test
  • password : test

Of course final release will be different, but it still gives a good idea of where the project is heading.


For now the project is in heavy developpement, you can consult the Arch depot and the latest snapshots.

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