U61 is another block-based game. At first sight, one might think it's yet another Tetris clone. But it's much more than that since its rules are fully configurable: you can edit them and create your own gameplay. U61 is designed to be a multiplayer game, and supports internet play. The game comes with 4 themes, 3 sets of rules and complete documentation.

4 players at once
4 players can play on a single PC, this idea - as well a many others - comes from the excellent EITtris.

U61 is available for Windows and GNU/Linux, and uses ClanLib (a cross-platform game SDK) and Lua (an embedded scripting language). It is distributed as free software (free speech, not beer), under the terms of the GNU General Public License ( GPL ).

If you want to know how the game looks like, simply jump to the screenshots section. U61 comes with a complete documentation , so take a look at it if you want more informations. There's also a mailing list if you have questions, suggestions or remarks about the game. Since customization is one of the strengths of U61, technical information is available, and will allow you to tweak the game - for instance build your own theme and/or define your own rules. Finally, U61 uses a basic meta-server system which keeps an online list of available internet games .

Quick download

Here you'll find the latest downloadable files concerning U61. If you want to download older releases or if you feel what you need does not appear here, take a look at the complete download section.

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