Work in progress

Note on releases

Whenever U61 is released, I usually pass the good news to Then all releases are accessible from the main download page, which is

Releasing the game takes time, for I want all binaries to install properly and sources to compile cleanly. Therefore there might be some delay before the time coding is over and the time a release is actually ready. So for impatients and/or for people who need to test out the very latest versions (eg someone who wants to compile the game on a new platform), it's possible to access the source repository directly.

About GNU Arch

I use GNU Arch (Tom Lord's Arch in fact, ) instead of the previously used CVS. Indeed, tla has some very fancy features such as signing patches with gpg, and I'm tired of suffering CVS limitations.

So FYI the previously active CVS repositories, on Sourceforge and Savannah, are currently unmaintained.

How to get latest releases

Note that is a personnal web server located in my living room. It uses a simple DSL connection, so bandwidth won't be exceptionnally high, and it may suffer long and unexpected downtimes.

If you are interested, I can open this repository in read/write mode, however one of the points of GNU Arch is that it allows cooperative developpement with multiple depots, so this isn't mandatory. And anyways, importing myself patches received by email has never been a real burden.

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