1985 - 2013 log

1985 - 2013 log
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A little look in the mirror after 29 years of running. Before 2003, I did it from vague memories, since 2004, figures are quite precise. All distances are in metric system and I convert them into what I call a running equivalent. 5 km of bike is worth 1 km of runing, and 1 km of swimming is worth 4 km of running. This is only a rough approximation, but it makes comparisons easier. The time spent training (the top line on the graph) is counted in hours, multiplicated by 10 (so that it fits well on the graph). So 10000 means 1000 hours. Oh yeah, the legend : càp (blue) = run, vélo (orange) = bike, nat (yellow) = swim, the rest is other sports such as roller-skating, powerwalking, strength training, etc.
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