2016 forecast

Back from the 48h in Royan , the burning question is: what's up for 2016?

The GR10 trail (loosely taken from the web site traildino.com). It's basically a track across the French Pyrenees, and is the official path for the Transpyrenea.

As usual, a bunch of races. I'm gonna taint my practice with some so-called "trail running", just to make like everyone does and make my coming out as a hipster, yet another fashion victim, unable to resist the marketing power of all those outdoor races. So let's leave track and loops for awhile and try some other things.

More precisely :

  • from 12-28-15 to 01-03-16 : 6 days in Johanesburg, my 2015 main goal, trying to beat my personnal record at 541 miles
  • January 31st : Paris-Mantes, 33 miles walk, at night, to be done with friends without any competition
  • February 7th : 26 miles trail run to get back in shape and enjoy the mud.
  • March 6th : Paris half marathon, full speed ahead
  • March 19th : Ecotrail, 50 miles trail run in the woods around Paris, will the blue rabbit be back?
  • April 3rd: Paris Marathon, with a sub 3 hours target, I got a revenge to take ...
  • April 9th and 10th : 24h in Rennes, as a spectator/coach to support Valérie and Wilfrid.
  • May 15th : Beer Lovers Marathon, a very valid excuse to gulp a couple of beers, thanks Alison for finding this
  • May 21st ; Grand Raid 73, 45 miles and 15,000 feet elevation, a very valid excuse for a cheese orgy
  • June 11th and 12th : Grand Raid 6666, 66 miles and 21,800 feet elevation, just to be sure I remember what mountain is about
  • from July 19th until... well I don't really know : Transpyrenea, 557 miles, 180,000 feet elevation, a "trail run" or maybe just a long power hike in the mountain. It's my major 2016 goal.
  • from October 23rd to 29th : 6 days of France, walk or run, I haven't made me definitive decision yet, but I will go there with Valérie, she will run too.

A low average of one race per month. Let's be reasonable.

And then? Well, history is yet to be written but I got a couple ideas of what I could do:

  • 2017 : some tourism in Tennessee?
  • 2017 : go back to the triple ironman in Lensahn, which I sadly missed in 2015
  • 2017 : there might (maybe...) be a deca Ironman in Germany, and if this is true, I'm in!
  • 2018 : go to the RAAM, crossing the United States on a bike, non-stop

And then ? Then I don't know yet, but I can certainly gather new ideas on the road.

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