Year 2019

2019 is just started as I'm writing those lines. 2018 is not totally finished either as I'm still writing that RAAM book so hell, I'm busy. However, my 2019 year is all planned and set.

I won't go back to RAAM this year because I lack money, time to build a team, and other things. Still, it's on my 2020 TODO list. But until then, for 2019, I have a plan and I believe it's a nice one. Sadly I'll miss the 6 days of France because there's a conflict with other events. But let's come to it, I will basically do 4 races:

  • May 2019, 6 days in Hungary, I'm on the starters list.
  • July 2019, triple in Austria, I'm registered too. Because of that race I will miss the Altriman which had been chosen as a "team building race" by the USO Bezons, a local triathlon club where I just subscribed. Too bad, another time maybe.
  • August 2019, Paris-Brest-Paris, so classical. I promised myself I'd do 10 of them. This is going to be my 3rd. Because of this one I miss the 6 days in Privas, and there was also an indoor 6 days with some very interesting people on the start line. But PBP won.
  • October 2019, double deca in Mexico. Damn. I'm on the starters list. This is getting real. I'm saving my vacation days because that kind of event is likely to consume all my yearly PTO days. Such a race has been held in 1998. In 2010. And now 2019. Does not happen often. I initially planned to do "just a deca". Was a little disappointed to see that the races in the US or Switerland were cancelled, so there was nothing in 2019. And then I found out. When there's a double around, all other "simple" deca races look less thrilling. A double is 48 miles in the water, over 2230 miles on the bike and, slightly over 520 miles on your feet.

Just to give you an idea, an old video of the 2010 swim. I think I need some solid training here.

And then, as usual, some other smaller races just to get in tune and stay alive, but those 4 ones are the bulk of it.

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