Amstrad CPC 464
The Amstrad CPC 464 was clearly *the* gaming platform among my friends back in the eighties.

Trailblazer is an old Amstrad CPC 464 game, by Gremlin Graphics, Pete Harrap, Shaun Hollingworth.

Splash screen
The intro / splash screen of the game.

It has inspired me when developping Babal .

In-game screenshot. Trailblazer had different colors for level properties. You could be stuck on the floor, go faster, and so on.

I never owned this game, nor any machine capable of running it, but I played it a lot during a trip to Ireland. It was IMHO one of the best games for 8-bit computers, with a very basic machine, the authors managed to make something really fun, with an excellent gameplay, and you could play it for hours. So did I...

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