An arcade endless runner, with a bouncing ball

Try it on your phone it is free, has no ads, and requires no special permissions. Watch this video if you are curious to know how it looks like.

You control a ball in a rolling tunnel, try to stay on the track, and not fall into space void. Controls are very simple, turn left, turn right, jump, that's all. Stepping on blue slabs will boost your ball and make you jump and speed up, increasing your score. The faster you go go, the higher the score.

And remember, do not fall.

Babal is a rather fast paced action game, however it is safe for the whole family, has no violence nor any sensitive content. It is just about driving an innocent ball in a sci-fi tunnel, really.

The game is released into the Public Domain so it is totally free to use. Source code is available. Babal uses Godot engine and godot-rust.

Music has been written by Alexander Nakarada from Serpent Sound Studios.

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25+ years of bouncing

Screenshot of Babal 2.0 for HP48. Outdated, but this is how it started.

Babal was initially developed in the 90s, for HP48 , I made very small experiments with SVG later, but somehow decided to port it to Android recently.

It is a quite simple game concept - 35 years old at least - and I think I enjoy coding it as it's a very good way to flex your muscles and try out a game development framework.

Sending feedback

I am always happy to get feedback about my games. Whether it is a bug, a feature request, or just a general feedback, question or remark, I'd be happy to hear about you.

You can use ratings on Google Play, comments on or issues on Gitlab but sometimes the easiest way is to just drop an email. Feel free to do any of those.


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