The race:

  • June 2018 12th - 24th this is when it happens, doing the Race Across America, 3 000 miles in 12 days. Start is at noon, and arrival is at 3:00 pm (it's the same time of the day if you stick to onw time-zone but as the race is spread over 4 time zones, there's a gap to fill). During the race, each time-station page will be updated as I move forward and reach them.


Done, but report not written yet (catching up!):

  • March 18th: 200k BRM from Longjumeau.
  • April 1st - 2nd: ride the Paris - Charleville Mézières flèche de France, solo, both ways.
  • April 8th: Paris Marathon
  • April 12th - 14th: ride the Paris - Nice flèche de France, reverse, with crew in a following car.
  • April 28th - May 1st: ride the Paris - Bellegarde flèche de France, solo, both ways.
  • May 6th - 8th: ride the Paris - Montbéliard flèche de France, both ways.
  • May 9th - 10th: 100k in Steenwerck, walking.
  • May 11th - May 13th: ride the Paris - La Rochelle flèche de France, solo, both ways.
  • May 20th: 200k from Argenteuil.
  • May 26th: 400k from Andrésy.
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