So I officially registered in the "SOLO" category. But the truth is, RAAM requires a team. Because without proper support, a racer does not get very far. The time limits are such that every single minute, every detail matters.

My team is mainly composed of my family, plus (very) good friends.

By alphabetical order:

Adèle Mauduit

Adèle Mauduit
Adèle, at the Lensahn Triathlon.

Adèle Mauduit - 13 years - Argenteuil, FRANCE.

Christian's elder daughter, was already supporting him when aged 10 months for the "Diagonale des Fous" and since them, follows whenever possible. Did a marathon at age 10 (24h Across The Years, Phoenix AZ, 2014) .

Enjoys creative artistic activities and climbing.

Bernard Piganiol

Kinesiotherapist on 6 jours de France from years. Palpates, kneads and relieves.

Florence Mauduit

Florence Mauduit
Florence, ready to start.

Florence, Christian's sister. Did a 24h (running), and also some trail running and triathlons.

Was a member of the crew on the 24h cycling event (on a motor racing track) at Revolve24 in 2017.

Garance Mauduit

Garance Mauduit
Garance. It's all about balance.

Garance Mauduit - 10 years - Argenteuil, FRANCE.

Christian's youngest daughter. At 2 years old, was cheering her father so loudly that he gained a nickname from it (Lensahn - GER, 2009).

Does gym and enjoys drawing.

Gérard Cain

Gérard Cain
Gérard, creator and former race director of the "6 jours de France".

62 years, retired - Married - 2 kids - Former job: computer graphic designer

Lives in Antibes, FRANCE

After being "quite overweight" (250 pounds), at age 40, I decided to lose weight to start a new life ! No diet, only sport and the result: 120 pounds lost and I could run extreme races sur as the 555 in the Ténéré desert (Niger), the Badwater in the US, the Desert Cup in Jordania, lMauritanian Race 200, Trans 333 in India, etc€

Creator and former race director (12 years in a row) of the 6 jours de France.

Hervé Talabardon

Hervé Talabardon
Hervé, RAAM 2015 finisher.

Hervé is an official RAAM finisher (2015) and he also is the oldest racer to have finished the race (68 at that time).

Jean-Paul Mauduit

Jean-Paul Mauduit
Jean-Paul (everyone calls him Paulo anyway). Picture taken on Bordeaux-Paris.

Jean-Paul, Christian's father.

140 triathlons, including 21 Ironman and 2 triple-Ironman. Almost a hundred ultras and about 150 various additional races (running, bike, pedal car, swimming). Crewing Christian on some great events (Race Around Ireland on a bike, 6 days running in Johannesburg).

Jérôme Alexis

Jérôme Alexis
Our Doc

Medic from 17 years, I work at Jacques Cartier Massy hospital, in various services: resuscitation, emergencies, recovery room. I am also union representative. At the same time, I am involved from more or less than ten years in Mip-ACESO, a events medical : shows, races, parties... My two daughters are 6 and 9 old. Concerning sports, I run, bike, swim. I have run from 10km to half marathon in race.

Lise Mauduit

Lise Mauduit
Lise. Could be the next cyclist in the family.

Lise Mauduit - 12 years - Argenteuil, FRANCE.

Christian's daughter. Enjoys training of the form "daddy runs, I ride my bike" and member of the UVA, the local cycling club in Argenteuil. Ultra-marathoner at 9 years old with 33 miles (24h Across The Years, Phoenix AZ, 2014)

Hobbies: cycling and performing arts.

Marc Gibourg

Marc Gibourg
Marc, crew chief.

9 marathons, 37 ultras including:

  • 11 Saintélyon
  • 6 Six Days
  • 2 Raid 28 (Mauduit Team)
  • 1 Mauritanian Race 200
  • 1 TranseGaule (715 miles)

Assistant de Christian Mauduit sur Race Around Ireland et Triple Lensahn.

Valérie Mauduit

Valérie Mauduit
Valérie, best crew. Ever.

Valérie Mauduit - 44 years - Christian's spouse and mother of Adèle, Lise and Garance.

Has been crewing Christian since his beginnings in ultra running (2004) and whenever possible. Runs too, since 2009, long distance running since 2010 (100 km de Millau, several 24h, 48h, 6 days). Audax Brevets on a tandem. Member of the Race Around Ireland 2013 crew.

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