Tree house

OK I usually talk about ultras over here, long distance running and all.

Very detailed and accurate plan, couldn't be more precise.

But I do other things. For example I built a tree house in my yard, up in a pine tree. I use it as an alternative desk.

I did draw a very primitive plan, just random lines and (almost random) numbers on a sheet of paper, and shoot, let's do this.

Realised with materials usually used for terraces, quite primitive.

However, this should last and endure bad weather.

So this is how I got it working:

  • master plan on a simple sheet of paper, I love the quote from H.W. Tilman "any worthwhile expedition can be planned on the back of an envelope."
  • so I first did mount everything in my garage (cutting wood, assembling, varnish)
  • then I dismounted everything to keep only 4 "prefab" blocks
  • had to also do all those knots for the ladder
  • equipped the tree with two solid climbing ropes
  • then installed the knotted ladder
  • lifted and mounted the various blocks assembling them up there (absolutely terrifying, vertigo & all !) using temporary ropes to have it in place.
  • installed the final ropes, the tree remains almost untouched, no screws, no harm.

So well, not much more to say, aside from it's absolutely super cool to be 15 feet in the air. Next I need to install some electrical plug and a light, so that I can work for an extended time. One of the coolest things I've done lately.

Hexagonal struct, mounting it in my garage to check if everything fits.
Chair & table
Here on can clearly view the seat (on the right) and the table (on the left). That's it!
The ladder and the ropes I'm using to climb up there.
Under construction...
The hardest part, mounting everything back again, but this time, in the air.
So much fun!
Finally, I can use my computer hanging 15 feet in the air. Ah, that feels good.
From below
One can barely notice it...
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