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So this is where I talk my various sport-related adventures. The general subject here is running , more precisely running "for a very long time". I'm interested in anything that is longer than a marathon. To start with, you could read this race report . If you like numbers, just check out my best times or what I've done so far but I'd better warn you the main purpose of all my training and racing is just to enjoy running. So this blog is here to share my experiences with others. I even have a piece of advice on how to run farer and faster.

Christian Mauduit, France
With my spouse Valérie. We've been together for about 20 years now. This is about long distance too.

You can view this blog online but you might also appreciate to download the content as a PDF and read it offline. Beware, this PDF export might be outdated - but still, it can be easier to read than the latest up-to-date online information - and it is *BIG*. As of November 2014, the file weights over 100Mb and is almost 200 pages long. Pictures included.

This being said, I'm about forty years old, I'm the happy father with three charming daughters and live with my spouse Valérie. My father also does some ultra-running.

The big question one might ask oneself when one sees someone running 100k, and even more, is "why?". I'd return you the question: "why not?". Why would we stop at mile 26 when we could go further?

Finally, I'll let the last work to Nietzsche. This quote comes from "Human, All Too Human":

"Exhaustion is the shortest way to equality and fraternity"



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