Personal records

Here are some of my PRs:

Road running

Race walking




Transpyrénéa certificate
Yeah, all this just for a little sheet of paper saying "you did it".

As a side node, you can take a look at the statistics on, which give a nice third-party view of what I've done up to now. Or, at your options, take a glance at all the ultras I've done .

Those figures mean nothing to you? It does not matter. Figures are not that important. Think about the St Exupéry's Petit Prince. The best race is the one from which you get best experience, it's not necessarily the fastest one.

PS: do not use my times to build up an "equivalent times" table. Depending on the years, the quality of my training, my shape on race day, the mileage varies. Being under 3h on the marathon does not give you a finishing ticket for Spartathlon. And conversely... ;)

PPS: yeah, Barkley is tough, less than 30 miles in 26 hours, that is not even 1.5 mph on an average.

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