Year 2014

For 2014, I have two major goals, and what's unusual, they are very close to each other. Tor des Géants (330km, 24000m D+) in early September and 6 jours de France (6 days, with a goal of "something that looks like 500 miles"). Normally, one does not do two such races with only two weeks rest in between. But well I wanted to go to the Tor. And I wanted to go to the 6 days. So I will go. To both of them.

Intermediary goals include Paris Marathon, a solo run around Paris following GR1 (about 350 miles, alone, no race organization whatsoever), the Défi de Monté Cristo (5 km swim, in the Mediterranean see), and the 24h du Mans Roller (24h roller-skating, on a track). I decided to try new things out ;)

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