2015 forecast

2014 is not over yet, but I'm looking forward to 2015...

Au programme :

  • Dec 28th 2014 - Jan 3rd 2015 6 days in Arizona (never know where to put this one, is it 2014 or 2015?) I'm already registered at the 6 days and two of my daughters will participate in the 24 hours ;)
  • Jan 17th - 18th 2015 Ultra Raid 28 (70 miles trail, mud + bad weather = garanteed fun)
  • Feb 28th - Mar 21st 2015 24h in Bourges, racewalking (registration not opened yet, but I'm positive I'm going to participate)
  • Mar 14th 2015 BRM 200 Bourg (130 miles cycling brevet)
  • Mar 29th 2015 BRM 300 Vesoul (190 miles cycling brevet)
  • Apr 4th - 5th 24h running in Saint-Fons
  • Apr 12th 2015 Paris Marathon
  • May 2nd - 3rd 2015 BRM 400 Angers (250 miles cycling brevet)
  • May 8th - 9th 2015 BRM 600 Bethunes (370 miles cycling brevet)
  • Jul 24th - 26th 2015 Triple Ironman in Lensahn (7 miles swim, 335 miles bike, 78 miles running)
  • Aug 16th-19th 2015 Paris-Brest-Paris (760 miles bike ride, AKA "PBP")
New race organized by RSO (Cyril Fondeville), going through the Pyrenees, West to East, no less.

Now for the rest of 2015, I don't know yet...

But, for 2016, I've found a brand new elevation-junkie meeting, a new "concept" that pushes it a step further :

  • Jul 2016 Transpyrenea, not really an ultra-trail, maybe closer to a "raid", with a raw distance above 610 miles, and something like 160 000 feet elevation. 160k+, 160k-. Time limit should be 400 hours. Huh.
  • 2017 a deca? Yeah well, this is not set yet, the race director is still hesitating between 2016 or 2017. But if it's in 2017, I'm gonna have a hard time refusing the offer and resisting the temptation, as I had a hell of an unforgettable race last time ...
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