Year 2016

This year main goal is, without any doubt, the Transpy (557 miles, 180,000 feet elevation).

The "Transpy", an original and hardcore concept : hike through the Pyrénées following the GR10 path. Thanks Cyril Fondeville for this wonderful idea ;)

Well, after all, that might not be it. Let's say it's the most remarkable event. Now as far as competition is concerned, I think I will try and "give it all" (to update my habits...) at the 6 jours de France (French 6 days), knowing that the Transpyrénéa (Cyril repeated that again and again) is not a "standard" competition. From my distant point of view, it seems to me it's wiser to aim at "finish Transpy and try and score at the 6 days" rather than doing it the other way.

My race detailed planning has already been announced last year and there are already a few last minute changes but globally, it's pretty much the same, and all my races share those two basic goals :

  • prepare the major events mentionned above (Transpy & 6 days)
  • have fun, enjoy life
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