Getting ready for 2017

Now this is official news, in November 2016, my running mileage is going to amount to... 0. Zero. ZE-RO. Plain rest ;) I do this from time to time, let's say every 18 months or so, a big cutdown into training, with almost nothing, yeah I still bike to work (at a slow commuting pace) and that's it. And no, I'm not longing for a run like a die-hard running junky, I feel great, thanks. Running might be addictive, but it's a sane addiction, that keeps you fit and makes you happy. So hell, you fellow junkies, I'm back to the running world in December, see you soon.

2016 was so great
Me and my spouse Valérie at the 6 days in Privas. Awesome.

This being said, 2017 is coming soon. So here's my plan:

  • 2017 March 5th: Paris half marathon, 13 miles, nothing special
  • 2017 April 9th: Paris Marathon, 26 miles, try and do a sub 3 hours, which I failed to achieve in 2015 and 2016 ;
  • 2017 May 26th and 27: Ultrathlétic Ardèche 129 miles, a hilly road race with great landscapes, the race recognition was great, the real, actual race should be fun too;
  • 2017 July 9th: Cléder 100k, 63 miles, no easy shortcut, this should be French Championship, so the very best Frenchies will be there, I have no chance to perform well on the scoreboard, but this is gonna be a lot of fun anyway;
  • 2017 July 28th to 30th : Lensahn Triple Ironman, 7 miles swim, 335 miles on a bike, 78 miles on foot, a quite classic formula (complicated to register, but I'm trying to make it);
  • 2017 August 20th to 26th : 6 jours de France in Privas, because this is so good! I will try and pile up as many miles as possible like this year and push it even further if possible;
  • 2017 September 16th and 16th: Revolve 24h, 24h in England, need 400 miles, no less;
  • 2017 October 6th to 8th : 48h in Royan, because this too, is so good! Same as for the 6 days, full speed ahead .

And then, we're going to have a family rest in Nepal, check if the view from Poon Hill is aweseome or not (even if we all already know the response)

And for 2018? I stop quilting. I'm simply going to give cycling a try, for real. So this is said. And I won't be able to participate in the Transpyrénéa again (still this is a bad excuse as the RAAM is in June and the Transpy is in August, so I could technically do both, but I'm so good at making out excuses).

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