The « deca » in Monterrey

What's a deca-Ironman? It's a triathlon. Swim + bike + run. But a deca-Ironman is a long one. A very very very long one. It's the euivalent of swimming accross the Channel (*) followed by more than 1000 miles on a bike (**), and then 10 marathons, that is more than 0,5 million steps (***).


The pool
50 meters to go, 50 meters to go back. Repeat this 380 times. Piece of cake ;)

...after a good day swimming (760 laps in a 50m olympic pool), you start cycling. 980 laps on a ring which is barely over one mile. Every 5 minutes you start again, yet another lap. Once this is over, there are still 223 laps to run, on the same track, in the other way.

A few figures :

  • Swim : 38 km
  • Bike : 1 800 km
  • Run : 422 km
  • World record : 8 days
  • Time limit : 14 days
Hawaii X 10
Take the Ironman distance, the reference (which is not *that* short), and multiplicate it by ten. This is easy... to calculate.

The classical Hawa├» Ironman, is 3,8km, then 180km and finally 42km. Monterrey is just 10 times longer. The ┬ź deca ┬╗ in Monterrey, Mexico, in November is the longuest regular race officially recorded in the calendar of ultra-triathlon races. In 2010, there will even be a "double deca". Same place, same date.

(*) well, not quite. The Channel, the real one, is harder, with cold, waves, tankers, salt, oil and jellyfish. I checked that out.

(**) with the noticeable difference that in races such as the ┬ź Tour de France ┬╗, racers can rest in a comfortable Hotel every night. Not here. In a ┬ź deca ┬╗, the clock is always running, if you sleep, you loose time.

(***) ┬ź half ┬╗ a million. Looks like this is an event for ┬ź half ┬╗ athletes ;)

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