Ultra Triathlon

Parque Niños Héroes
The 1800m track. One way cycling, the other way running. Many laps to go in both ways.

This blog is about my participating in the 2010 Monterrey deca-Ironman . I ( Christian Mauduit ) appreciate long distance races, often referred to as "ultra". Of course, such an event does require some preparation as well as partners . I hope you'll enjoy following this (long!) adventure. My email -> ufoot@ufoot.org.

Latest news

Now the race is over, the good news is that I did it, in 199h09min29s , and 1st position.

A video retracing the event is available, as well as a written race report . More pictures are available in the live section, but this one is in French only.

2010 deca-triathlets

Awards ceremony
Monterrey 2010 decaironmens - presentation ceremony

The others don't have a website, or at least we don't know it: Greger Sundin (double deca), Uwe Shiwon (double deca), Carlos Ochoa Domingo (double deca), Roberto Lendaro (double deca), Giorgio Alessi (double deca), Wayne P. Kurtz (deca), Antal Voneki (deca), Daniel Jensen (deca), Dominique Douvier (deca), Roger Lehman (deca), Jozsef Rokob (deca).

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