June 2010 : French Ultra Festival (6 days race) -> race report

6 days in Antibes, France
The Fort Carré, in Antibes (France), is reported to be one of the most beautifull stadium in Europe.

In order to train myself to race night and day, and sleep for only 2 or 4 hours, I participate in a 6 days race, to get in gear for my main goal. I expect to reach 700km or 800km. The main point to work on: logistics.

And also...

Cerro de la Silla (1820 meters). Monterrey, Mexico.

November 2010 : d├ęca-Ironman

Yes, I'm going to Monterrey, Mexico, for about 10 to 14 days of effort. Val├ęrie, my spouse, will be my only assistance 24h/24, which is, in itself, a remarquable performance.

Ultra races are also, and very often, a matter of team work.

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