Christian Mauduit

This was back in the 80s, when I was a kid. I had a 130km ride on this rusty 50 years-old bike.

I am a member of the Triathlon 91 (triathlon club of St Michel sur Orge, France) and USA Athtlétisme (runners club of Argenteuil, France).

This is not my first « ultra » race :

Spartathon 2008
246km in Greece, on the track of Phidipiddes. I finished 22nd in a time of 30h41'51".

2010 goal : « finish a deca-Ironman »

PS: wow, this looks so serious... Do not pay too much attention to this factual and austere presentation, and read the adventures of a blue rabbit on the trail. Yes, I also run ultras with that kind of outfit ;)

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