Liquid War rules have been invented by Thomas Colcombet.

He was trying to find algorithms to find the shortest path from one point to another, and found the Liquid War algorithm. Then it came to his mind that a game could be build upon this algorithm, and Liquid War was born. He programmed the first two versions of Liquid War using Borland Pascal for DOS, and gave me some information about the algorithm so that I could re-program it.


I'm the guy who programmed the latest versions of Liquid War. I enhanced the algorithms, and did quite a bunch of work to have the game playable by (almost) anyone, that's to say create a correct GUI.

If you want to join me, here's all the information you'll ever need:

  Christian Mauduit
  Web site:
  GnuPG public key: FD409E94 -
  GnuPG fingerprint: 4762 1EBA 5FA3 E62F 299C  B0BB DE3F 2BCD FD40 9E94
  Snail mail: 32 rue Jean Moulin  95100 Argenteuil  FRANCE

Other contributors

As Liquid War is now free software, protected by the GPL, anyone is allowed to view, edit, modify, re-compile the source code, and distribute it, as long as Liquid War is still distributed under the GPL.

Here's a list of the contributors:

  • Alstar: drew a map, which is now included in the main distribution.
  • Peter Wang: ported Liquid War to GNU/Linux.
  • Cort Danger Stratton : helped me setting up network support.
  • Tim Chadburn : wrote midi files for the game. His contribution has been truely appreciated since it's rather hard to find GNU GPL compliant artwork. He also wrote documentation and helped with midi support in general.
  • Jan Gretschuskin : contributed 11 maps, and made the German translation. So if you run Liquid War with German menus, you know who you have to thank -> Jan! 8-) Also do not forget to visit
  • Mouse : contributed a map.
  • Rene Stach : drew 3 maps.
  • Roderick Schertler : implemented HTTP 1.1 support.
  • Ryan D. Brown : ported Liquid War to Mac OS X.
  • Eduard Bloch : maintained the Debian package, and helped with German support.
  • Michael Terry : provided a .desktop file for better integration with Gnome, KDE and other UNIX desktop environments.
  • Kasper Hviid : contributed many maps, with their own textures, and made the Danish translation. Great work, also available on
  • David Redick : wrote an external random map generator, available on
  • Alexandre Pineau : maintains the Debian package.
  • Michael Wagner : translated the web site in German.
  • Peter Williams : fixed the "too many opened socket" server bug.
  • Jan Samohyl : submitted strategy tips.
  • Gavin : wrote the Liquid War fanfic.
  • Dave Vasilevsky : fixed the Mac OS X port.
  • 2 of omega : contributed a map.
  • 666-REFIZUL-666 : created many maps (distributed separately).

Many other people helped me by submitting bug reports and patches, and I want to thank them for their precious help. Thanks to all the Debian people too, who nicely maintain the Liquid War .deb package.

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