Root menu
The root menu. I acknowledge the GUI colors are ugly.

Here are a few screenshots to excite your appetite and motivate you to download the game. However, don't be fooled, these screenshots, even if there were hundreds of them online, wouldn't help you much to figure out how to play.

Teams menu
The teams menu, where the player(s) can choose the number, color, controls, and type (human or cpu) of teams.

My personnal opinion is that downloading the game and installing it does not require so much time. Windows user can click and play in a breeze (at least I do my best so that they can), and Linux also have pre-compiled binaries that run out of the box at their option, when their distribution does not directly provide the game (AFAIK at least Debian and Mandriva do have a maintained liquidwar package).

The virtual Liquid War podium, the greatest glass being filled by the winning color (idea suggested by Valérie).

Note that yes yes yes and yes I'm aware that GUI colors are ugly, that the fonts are blurry, and so on... It seems that even not being such a great programmer, I'm still much more talented as a coder than as an a artist 8-)

Playing the Titanic map. No romance here, try and eat your opponents!

Anyways, I'll never repeat it enough: trying the game out for 3 minutes will give you much more informations than any screenshot will, since Liquid War's interest resides in its rules and concept, not in its appearance.

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